Easter (Bunny) Tales

Kiddo and I made the 4 hour drive back to my hometown to celebrate Easter with my family. We had a wonderful time and I hope he made as many great memories as I did.

Late Saturday morning we did the first round of egg dying. My sister had purchased the to do the shaving cream egg dyeing with white plastic eggs. My mother, totally unaware, had purchased and boiled a dozen eggs.

When I opened the package I immediately realized these eggs were NOT what I expected. Unlike their smooth, shiny, colorful standard Easter counterparts…these eggs were textured.  I was not a fan at all. They felt almost chalky and very unnatural.  I had my mother examine them and we came to the conclusion that these ‘creepy eggs’ were probably going to not return next year. I highly doubt kiddo will notice.

Dyeing the eggs with shaving cream was actually a lot of fun! We used oval disposable plates so that we could do two colors on each plate. We marbled the colors using toothpicks and then blended them for a third color. It was a quick color making reminder lesson for kiddo, too!

Our end results prior to washing looked like this:


We let them ‘set’ for quite awhile since I was not sure how the plastic would take to the food coloring.  Later that evening, my sister helped out with the more traditional Paas color tablet dyeing activities. These are the end results:

I was fortunate enough to have thought far enough ahead to bring kiddo’s new RC monster truck along so we drove that all over the yard and got in some outside time after dinner.

We took the opportunity to get the 4 generations photo that was originally planned for last spring but was put off for various reasons.  It’s not a professional photo by any means but I will happily hand it on  my wall!

Mom put together the baskets and I was assigned the job of hiding the eggs. I’d made a date with my bestie to catch up after I got kiddo to bed so I decided to do the eggs when I got back.

In retrospect, that may not have been the best decision.  When I left her house a few hours later, I had to drive through a fairly severe thunderstorm to get back.  I called my boyfriend to talk me through and I made it with no issues. So with my nerves all frazzled upon my arrival home, I summoned all my Easter bunny magic and started hiding eggs.

Finding spaces for 3 dozen eggs in 2.5 rooms is not easy! But I did remember to note where the real eggs were hidden so there was not a repeat of the lost Easter egg of my childhood.

(If you’re curious, Mom hid it on the top of the curtain rod over our sliding back door. It stayed there until July, when it fell and cracked open. She had to air out the house for 3 days.)

Easter morning went beautifully. Kiddo made it through the first round at eye level without any problems. After several reminders to look up and down he found most if not all of the remaining eggs. I let him eat a few treats and we headed over to my grandmothers for a quick lunch before leaving.

Well, that was the plan anyway.

While kiddo ate, I took the opportunity to get pictures of a few more family photos (my grandparents wedding, etc). Then my sister showed up and reminded me that I had things at her house to pick up.

We got on the road about two hours later than planned but still with plenty of time for me to make it through DFW before it got dark. Yay!

The highlight of the trip home was when I blinked and lost a contact lens while going 75mph just outside of Decatur. Thankfully traffic was slow enough that I was able to get pulled over easily and fixed.

It was very endearing that when I apologized for the panicked cursing that happened after the contact fell out, kiddo’s response was that it was okay and he understood that I was stressed.  I love my boy so much.

All in all, a very successful weekend!


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