National Sibling Day

When I decided to do a blog entry for National Sibling Day, I thought this would be a really easy thing to do. Then I stopped and realized…not so much. 

How do you sum up a relationship that literally grows with you?  How do you begin to encompass the enormity of those shared experiences?  You can’t do justice to any of it in words.

So here’s my thank you to my little sister for loving me even when I totally took advantage of your trust in me.  By all rights, I did some pretty crappy things to you when we were kids.  Then, to make matters worse, I became a completely self absorbed teenager.  But somehow you managed to love me anyway.  Even now, I’m certain I don’t deserve your admiration.  Thank you for loving me and being there for me. I love you. 

But seriously….

Here’s to surviving divorces, moving, and that time Mom cut our hair into mullets.  Remember how people used to think we were boys? Ugh.  Headbands helped a little bit, but let’s not talk about those bangs. I promise not to tell your future husband how much you loved the Spice Girls.  No, really.  Because you remember how much I loved NKOTB (Jordan 4ever!).  

I will remind you, when you are in the panicked throes of new motherhood, of all the spot on parenting advice you gave me. Ha!  That said, I will make no promises about the hermit crab story.  How do you lose a hermit crab?  They don’t even move that quickly. At least you found him, eventually.  All hermit crabs go to heaven, right? 

You’re the best. I love you! 



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