Not Quite Right

The last few weeks have been a waiting game with very mixed results.

I went to see my primary care doctor to follow up on some issues I’d been having for several months.  These included hair loss, numbness and color changes in my right hand, and an unusual spot on the back of my neck that had gotten larger.

My mother has psoriasis so I suspected that for the thing on my neck.  The numbness and color loss in my hands was Reynaud’s disease. The other stuff was a total mystery but my googling (I know, I know!) had suggested a possible autoimmune or thyroid problem. 

2 rounds of labs later, I am still totally fine.  The antibody screen for Lupus was negative. My thyroid panel was normal. I’m going to see a dermatologist in 2 weeks. Dr S decided he’d rather have a dermatologist look at it before we treat it. 

I’m frustrated. It’s not anything life threatening but I hate not knowing the ‘why’ of something. I feel unprepared to deal with things if I can’t understand them on some level.

So for now, I keep waiting. 


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