With Enough Hot Glue…

…anything is possible.  This is the true story of my greatest DIY project to date.

While browsing around on Pinterest, I saw this wreath at Pottery Barn, which I really liked.  I’m not into lots of color and flowers aren’t really ‘me’ either.  So the idea of succulents, which I love, was one that I could get behind.  I opened another tab at Etsy and began browsing.  I found a few that I liked, but not one that just really stood out.

So I thought, I’ll go by Michael’s and pick up the stuff to make my own!  This turned into a second stop at Hobby Lobby for additional greenery, in colors not carried at the first store.  I’m not going to lie to you – this ‘easy’ project ended up costing a big more than I intended.  I literally owned no crafting supplies of this type.  We have a few things left over from kiddo’s Science Fair project this year but that’s not anywhere near this level.

Back at the house, I got everything laid out on the kitchen table in groups, then put together a general idea of where I wanted everything to go on the wreath.


Then came breaking apart the flowers and removing the excess stem, tape and glue.  That was by far the most tedious thing.  The larger purple flowers had a huge block of glue on the stem that was too big to fit in the wreath, which mean that I had to scrape away the glue.


I put the larger flowers in first, then filled in the remaining space with the others. As I finished up I realized that I had several smaller flowers left over.  For lack of a better term, I stuffed them into smaller spaces and found that it didn’t look as crowded as I’d feared.


And then it happened.  I was rearranging the big succulent at the top and thought it looked a bit too wide.  So I glued a few of the bottom leaves up and that tightened the look nicely.  Then I was arranging leaves that were bumping into each other and thought, “Well I can just clip a few of these leaves on the bottom and that will solve the whole problem!”   Brilliant, right?

Except that I accidentally snipped one of the leaves in the front in the process.  I tried to glue the tip back on but it was just not going to happen.  Like I said on my bio page I’m a total Type A and can be a bit of a perfectionist.  This really bothered me; I could see it every time I looked at that flower.

I had come this far – planning, shopping and all those hot glue puddles on my fingertips!  I was not going to be defeated (by myself, no less)!  I took one of the smaller succulents, cut the bottom leaves off and glued it on top.  Looks just fine, right?  Yes it does!

My wonderful, and patient boyfriend helped me do the measuring and hanging – the first plan was to use monofilament  (fancy craft speak for fishing line) but since the wreath is so heavy we ended up just hanging it directly on the hooks.  So here is the end result, both on the table and hanging on the fireplace!  The lighting is so much brighter in the kitchen that it shows off the colors better.   I am thinking I may glue one more medium sized succulent to the tip of the inside of the heart.  I left ii plain because I was afraid it looked more like a lopsided circle than a heart.  I’m undecided at this point.

However, I’m quite impressed with myself.






3 thoughts on “With Enough Hot Glue…

  1. I read this when first posted and couldn’t get it out of my mind. To make a long story short, I bought artificial succulents today to make one. It will be a while as the blisters have not healed yet from my last hot glue project. Don’t hate me, but I went to Dollar Tree and paid only a dollar each for the plants. I already have a grapevine wreath and a hot glue gun, which I periodically assault myself with. Anyhow, wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

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