Mother’s Day Weekend

It’s been a fantastic weekend here, although it did get off to a bit of a rough start on Friday.  Out of nowhere, I got a migraine and slept most of the day.  But once it finally broke I’ve been just fine the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning we all went to a local park and did some fishing.  Kiddo got a Spiderman fishing pole for his birthday and this was his first time trying it out.  He did some fishing with my Mom over Spring Break before the bad weather hit, so he’s not a total novice at fishing.

I’m proud to report that he caught two fish!  I immediately sent the photos to my mother, and apparently one was very misleading – she thought he’d caught a much larger fish than he actually had.  See, the problem was that he refuses to actually touch the fish, or even the line if the fish is on it.  So in order to get both him and the fish in the picture, I had to hold it up and then stand back with the camera.  Thus, the huge fish that really wasn’t.


I really like the park that we fished at.  It has several memorials and monuments focused on the Korean and Vietnam wars, which you don’t see all that often.  There was even a statue for the working dogs of the military.


That afternoon, kiddo and Michael went off on their super secret Mother’s Day errand…that of course, I knew nothing about.  They brought me back a snow cone to ‘distract me’ while several bags were brought in.  Kiddo is the worst at keeping secrets, I swear!  He gets so excited about how much someone is going to like something that he can’t help but want to share what it is.  Although his heart is in the right place, changing that behavior is a work in progress.  He’s getting better as he gets older.

This morning I was greeted with mini blueberry muffins and orange juice in bed.  They sang me the Happy Mother’s Day song, which was a nice touch.   Kiddo gave me his card and my gift, which was a new plant for the house.


I called my Mom and had a lovely chat with her.  There’s been some tension between us recently so I was nervous about calling but things went really well.  We laughed and caught up on what’s going on in each other’s homes (she lives next door to my Grandma).   It really was the perfect addition to my Mother’s Day morning.

Kiddo wanted to get out of the house and I needed to pick up a few things so we ran some errands this afternoon.  While we were shopping, Kiddo saw a ‘mother to be’ card at the store and it lead to my explaining that a lot of mothers have their first Mother’s Day when they’re pregnant.  Since he was born in March, I held him in my arms on my first Mother’s Day.   He let me have my sappy moment and even gave me a hug.  He’s such a sweet boy.

We’re going out for Chinese food tonight, which will be nice.  Money has been tight so we’ve been much more careful about eating out and spending frivolously.  This will definitely be a special treat.

I don’t know that I could have asked for much more on this Mother’s Day!


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