Summer Here We Come

Things are moving quickly towards summer at my house!   We are counting down school days  – Kiddo qualifies for early release and next Friday will be his last day.  His school hosts a Splash Day for second grade and below.  The older grades get the more traditional Field Day.  He was very excited to tell us during dinner tonight how he will not have any homework next week!

I’ve mentioned before that Kiddo travels a lot, and that is especially true in the summer.   I tallied it up last year and he spent almost half of his summer break away from home!

My family lives about 6 hours away so we can make a weekend trip every couple of months.  Kiddo normally spends anywhere from 7-10 days there, split between my parents, over the course of his break.

This year he’s also going back to California to see Michael’s mother Kathy for a week.  Two of his ‘cousins’ will be there at the same time.  They are the grandchildren of Kathy’s partner Pete.  I love it when that happens since it’s not something he gets to experience often –  he has one (second) cousin on my father’s side that is his age.  There is no one his age on my mother’s side of the family; the nearest (second) cousin is nearly twice his age.

We’ll also be going up to Iowa for July 4th to spend the holiday with Michael’s Dad and stepmother Jane.  It will be our first time to visit the family cabin in Clear Lake that I’ve heard so much about over the years.

But the really exciting news for the summer is that Kiddo has (finally) committed to learning to ride his bike!  We got him the bike for his 6th birthday but it hasn’t gotten a whole lot of use since then.  He had a hard time catching on at that time and honestly, we never really pushed him too hard to keep at it.  I kinda figured he’d get to it when he was ready.

More than once I’ve wondered if bike riding just isn’t a “thing” for this generation like it was for mine?   I see children at the park with their bikes but since I live in an apartment it’s hard for me to gauge if that whole riding the neighborhood with friends thing really happens anymore.   I’m making myself feel old over here.


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