Tonight, I am feeling unsettled. It’s not quite anxiety but I suppose this general sense of unease would be a close cousin. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what the cause is and the best I can come up with is that it’s the summer change of schedule.

Kiddo is home for the summer as of tomorrow.  Paying summer rates for daycare when we have the ability to keep him home does not make sense. Plus, all the summer travel! Plans for a week away are settled for the end of June in Oklahoma (just Kiddo) and then California (all of us) in July. We are also spending the weekend of July 4th in Iowa. 

I have outlined activities two days a week at the library. Every day he must complete two pages from his school workbooks.  There will be pool time and bike riding practice at the park. We are working on getting time set up with his friends for play dates.

Tonight, Kiddo got upset at the realization that he won’t be at school or daycare for the next two months. He’s back into this world full of adults and it surprised me that this was potentially an issue for him. I still don’t know what the best answer for his concern is. He does his best but I can’t expect him to realize how much work it can be just to arrange a play date sometimes. 

Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so much like me in regards to change.  I like routine and find comfort in the familiar. Change is always at least a little scary for me. It sets off my control issues and anxiety. Once I am in the midst of it, I know I can handle it…but I am not a go with the flow type.

I don’t want him to think the worst when there is change. It’s a necessary part of life – we need it to learn and grow.  

I wonder what I can do to help him? 


One thought on “Unsettled

  1. Change is always difficult regardless of age. He’ll probably be okay after a few days or a week. Play dates can be difficult, but definitely necessary.


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