For Mandy…

I love holidays that are not on the traditional calendar.

More often than not, I find out about them via social media.  That’s totally fine with me! I like to think of them as opportunities for gratitude. The last one I noted was National Sibling Day, where I wrote about my sister.  Sometimes they’re a bit more light hearted, like the days dedicated to specific foods.

Today is National Best Friend Day.

We became best friends in eighth grade. That would be around 1994 if memory serves. We had known each other for a few years but that was the year that our friendship really became solid.

That was also the year that we learned we liked the same boy. Which meant that there would be drama and I remember wondering if our friendship would survive. We would fuss at each other, fight it out and then come running back (usually crying) to each other.

The boy drama would repeat itself several times over during the course of our friendship until we reached our early twenties.  I think about it now and write it off as typical girl stuff.  Eventually, we realized that no boy was worth losing our friendship over.

Sometimes I lose track of how long we’ve known each other.  It just seems like she’s always been part of my life and I suppose that’s because for all those really important things, she’s been there.

We have seen each other through all of the major life events: marriages, births, divorces and deaths.  She has held my hand through tears of grief and celebrated every joyous milestone.  Our friendship has survived countless miles (& years) apart that would have worn away anything less strong. She has defended me, protected me and kept my secrets. I know that all I have to do is say the word and she will drop everything to be there for me. I believe that she knows I would do the same for her. She has had faith in me and love for me when I didn’t have enough for myself.

She is my sister in every way that matters. I have been so incredibly blessed to have her in my life.  I love you, My Mandy!


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