Love, Hate, and Pride

This is not the blog that I wanted to write today.

In my morning (afternoon, really) check of the news, I discovered the terrible news out of Orlando.  It hit me much harder than I expected.  I sat on my bed in tears and tried to explain to my boyfriend why…

I’ve been out as a bisexual since my junior year in high school.  I don’t know if it was a result of being a theatre person or not, but my social group was filled with people who were straight, gay, bisexual, questioning…

I accompanied my girlfriend to her senior prom, and while it may not have been the most groundbreaking of decisions, I was damn proud when we took the floor and slow danced together.  As an adult, I’ve chosen love in nontraditional relationships.  I’ve lived in polyamory and monogamy.

The first time I stepped outside of my social circle into the greater LGBT community was when I visited Odds, the gay bar located downtown in my hometown.  My gay friend and I went together; and it was a very liberating experience.  I was able to just relax and know that in this environment, I was safe from so much of the judgement I feared from the outside world.   It saddens me deeply that the sense of safety I felt there will never exist for so many people.

The truth of the matter is that I have never lost anything because I am bisexual.  I have encountered ignorance, intolerance and fear.  While I have family members who certainly disagree, I don’t honestly think that they love me less because of who I am.  I feel that it creates conflict for them and questions within the framework of their personal faith…but that has more to do them them and less with me.

Two years ago, I took my son to his first Pride festival – he was 6 years old at the time.  It also happened to be the first ever Pride for the small town in eastern Texas where we live.  That decision caused some upset among the more conservative and/or religious members of my family but I reminded them that it was my right to parent how I saw fit.

I believe that it is my responsibility to teach love to my child.  I want him to love himself, to feel free to find love where his heart takes him and to be proud that he lives as his authentic self.   I hope that one day I can share my story with him and he will understand that any risk a person takes to live their truth is huge for them and should be respected and honored.

I will not let hate silence love, or pride.



Image created by me using Canva.  Please feel free to share.


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