It never fails to amaze me how much I depend on Kiddo to help keep me centered. His needs create the very foundation of my daily routine outside of work. Granted, after he goes to bed we’re left to our own devices but even then I’m usually in bed by 10pm.

He’s at my Dad’s this week for Part 1 of the Summer Travel. He left on Saturday, after a spectacularly awkward exchange with my Dad and Stepmother. My father and I have a long history of failed communication and passive aggressive behavior that’s really hitting a breaking point with me. This will certainly get worse (seriously unpleasant, no one is in danger or anything) before it gets better. But that’s a lengthy post for another time. 

The first thing to go sideways are my eating habits.  Then my sleep schedule gets a bit wonky. Seriously, if not for work I’d probably be completely backwards. By about day three I start to really miss him – the house is too quiet and I wonder what people without children do? 

I’m trying to fill up my time. I’ve cooked two new recipes from Pinterest. I’m decorating my Bullet Journal.  I played hashtag games on Twitter. I tried to binge watch OITNB but that show is too heavy for that; two episodes and I need a break.  I tried to watch The New Girl but it’s not catching my interest very strongly. I’ll give it a few more episodes. Any suggestions for Netflix or Hulu available shows?

It’s 10:10 and I am in bed.  

5 more days. I can’t even fathom the idea of what ‘going off to college’ will be like. Empty nesting will probably make me neurotic. 

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Centered

  1. My daughter is just reaching the ‘leaving for college’ point with the grandson. It may not be easy but, you will get used to the idea. (But probably sob for three days when it happens.) 🙂


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