Just A Few More Days…

There’s not much new going on here. We’ll be leaving on Saturday for CA, to spend the week with Michael’s mother. 

We’re terribly short handed at work and I can’t honestly say that I feel all that guilty about not being there next week. However, we have someone returning from short term disability in 2 weeks so that will help. We should also be hiring someone new as well.  Maybe in a few months things will settle down. 

A bit of nerdy rambling ahead…

I’m in the midst of changing my personal organization system.  I use the Bullet Journal method.  I started a few months ago with a composition notebook. 

I knew from the beginning that the notebook was too large for me, long term. But I knew that until I figured out the basics of what I liked (what worked) I would not want to invest in a $20 notebook.  So I painted, stickered and modified my cheap notebook.  

It has served its purpose well, but my mind is wandering…

Last week I found a fauxdori at Michael’s craft store.  It’s styled after the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  There’s a great guide here.  Tonight I got it all loaded up with inserts – two came with it and I found a set of plain 8×5 notebooks on clearance that I’m trying out. 

I think that finding the right insert will be key – then I can choose the planner size accordingly.   A good leather traveler’s notebook is a bit costly but like my handbags, I consider it an investment. When cared for properly, leather ages beautifully. 

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’ll try to do at least one vacation update! 


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