Vacation, Part II

Also known as:  OMG just write this post already!

So, the other fun things that we did in CA included a trip to the beach, a night out (for M & I) and a pool day at the swanky country club that M’s brother belongs to.

The beach was great.  It was a lovely day and we even found a perfect parking spot.  I’m not a water person but M convinced me to wade in with him.  So I get my feet in the water and he instructs me to plant them firmly so that I stay put when the waves go out.  Things are going well so we keep venturing out until we’re about knee deep or so.

Then, I lost my footing and got pulled under.  I promptly did the thing you’re not supposed to do:  I panicked.   Then Kiddo panicked a little bit.  M is trying to get to me and yelling at Kiddo to get back on the shore.  I’m trying to get my feet under me to get up.  I’m not in any serious danger but it was the longest few minutes of my life.  Two very kind Good Samaritans come and help get me upright again.

My pale, Southern self is definitely staying on the shore.  It was an experience, to be certain.  I got a few lovely abrasions from the sand and some interesting bruising on the front of my calves.  War wounds, I  say!  I have felt the power of the ocean and we’re just gonna call a truce for next time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on a chair watching the boys play in the surf.  Kiddo attempted a sand castle but was frustrated at the inability to have a moat.  I dug around looking for some small shells to add to our little collection at home.


One evening, M and I were treated to a Date Night.  We had dinner at The Prado at Balboa Park then saw Sense and Sensibility: The Musical at the Old Globe Theatre.

We went to the park early and walked around for awhile.  That is the polite way of saying that I took lots of pictures and in between, M held my hand while we walked.  Balboa Park is absolutely beautiful!  If you ever get the chance to go there, please do!  We stopped at the Artists Village there and I picked up two prints that reminded me of my kitties.  Dinner was wonderful – the Kobe sushi appetizer was divine.

Both M and I spent our teenage years doing theatre, so it was a special treat to go to a show.  I broke all the rules of good theatre etiquette and took this photo of the stage before the show started.  I’ve never seen a set like this and was taken with the lighting.

The show was very good – honestly, moreso than I expected.  I’m not a huge historical type and although I should appreciate the classics more, it’s just not my thing.  Nor am I a romantic type, if you haven’t figured that out yet.  Making it a musical gave it another level that really worked to keep me interested.

The day before we left, we spent the day at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar (at the pool).  I must admit that I felt a little bit out of my element, even though we’ve been here before.  Kiddo had a great time in the pool and spent some time with his youngest cousin, Rex.  We had lunch poolside and then stopped for gelato before heading home.

I had to giggle at Kiddo when we were perusing the lunch menu.  We always look together because there’s normally something that I veto on the standard kids menu – his exclamation of, “Ten dollars for a hot dog?!” was endearing, at least to me.

Yes, I took a picture of the floor.  It was pretty.

So that’s the rest of the highlights of vacation.  Travelling home was uneventful and I am thankful we were not delayed by the issues with Southwest Airlines that were going on at the time.

Tonight marks the last night of Summer Vacation.  Tomorrow is Kiddo’s first day of Third Grade!  I plan to post on that within the next few days.  Hopefully now that things will settle into a more stable routine, my blogging will follow suit.


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