Settling Back In

Today marks day three of Third Grade.  Kiddo seems to be finding his footing with the change to an earlier wake up time. He’s very excited about his new teacher and there are some familiar faces among his classmates.

The picture I took the morning of his first day looked awfully serious, so I asked him to please smile (like you’re happy!) and got one of him mid laugh instead.

He completed a poster the night before that’s a sort of introduction – parents everywhere know the type.  It’s usually hung on the walls of the teacher’s classroom for the first few weeks of the year.  There are fairly standard questions such as name, where you live, favorite things, etc.  When Kiddo finished his, he commented that most of his answers were the same as last year.


A few things to note:

  • His favorite food is listed as carrots.  Seriously, kid?  Don’t get me wrong, he likes carrots as much as the next kid but I never would have anticipated that answer.  I think it was more of a continuation of the orange is my favorite color question.
  • But our corn snake, Atlas (aka “Snick”), actually is orange.
  • I suspect the circles might have been intended as dots.  However, since the school theme this year is Star Wars, Kiddo colored them gray so that they would resemble Death Stars.

My additional questions to him were:

  1. Favorite Subject:  Science and Computer
  2. When I Grow Up: I want to be an engineer and design cars.
  3. Favorite Television Show: Pokemon
  4. Three Words That Describe Me:  Fast, Tall and Nice.

He was concerned about choosing to say he was nice, thinking that it might somehow imply that other people weren’t.  Bless his heart!

We took a year off from additional activities after doing two seasons of soccer to give him the first year to acclimate to a new school that’s academically focused.  However, I think it’s time to get him involved in something – it will likely be basketball.  The Parks and Rec leagues begin sign ups next month.

Hope all the other parents (and their children) are adjusting well to the start of the school year!


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