Snake on the Edge

I just came home from running errands to find Snick doing this: 

It’s been almost 6 days since his last meal and we’ve come to refer to this as ‘hunting’ behavior. When he was a wee noodle it was kind of cute because he could fit on the ledge at the top of his vivarium. However, he’s quite a bit wider now. When we got him he was 12 grams and now he’s in the 80 gram area. He’s a bit over 2 feet long, I think. 

Somehow he still crams himself up there – I have to admire his determination if nothing else. There are times where he falls; usually when he tries to turn around.  It makes me nervous occasionally because he seems a bit stunned after a fall, and the hinged areas on the lid could cause abrasions as he gets bigger. 

As I watched him I thought there had to be something I could do because that thermometer is not designed to hold weight.  It must be noted that I have glued the suction cup to the glass with aquarium sealant (prior to Atlas’ arrival).  But both the corns I’ve had used their thermometers as mini ledges or climbing points.  I guess it’s a thing in this house. 

I went digging in the herp supplies that we have and found the hammock I got for him a year ago. Maybe putting it up will help give him the feeling of being ‘up’ on a more stable base. I even moved the branch (that he never uses) so that it would be an easier climb. 

My money is on him ignoring the new setup completely and continuing to climb up the thermometer cord.  He’s such a stubborn Snick.

UPDATE: I was wrong and I’m so happy about it!


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