New to the Pack

This year we’ve started doing scouting. Kiddo is a Bear Scout. I was a Girl Scout (many years ago), but our first two meetings have left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. I can’t imagine what my mother went through as an assistant troop leader! 

I’m taking a lot of notes and researching things online. Tonight the Den numbers were assigned and I’m hoping that a smaller group will lend itself to more clarification about processes for all of us.

We were reassured at the first parent meeting that Kiddo would be placed in a Den with at least one person he knows – there are a few kids he knows from school and previously playing soccer. That totally did not happen. I was willing to give it a go but M would have none of it. We spoke to the individual Den Leaders and the Cubmaster; everyone was agreeable to the change.

I worried about being ‘that parent’ but quite frankly after it was all said and done I think it was the right choice. 

The other kids in this Den were a bit on the rowdy side, so I kept an eye on him during tonight’s meeting. He had to tell the child next to him to stop touching at least once. Not surprisingly, he immediately found his Den Leader and engaged him in conversation.  Sometimes it’s so glaringly obvious to me that he has spent so much of his life with adults (as an only child).

I was very proud of how attentive he was, given that it’s all new and his ADHD meds had worn off by this point in the day. He’s most excited about the Pinewood Derby and the camping activities.

Popcorn sales start like immediately and he has set himself a goal of earning a tent. He chose his location for weekend sales based on his conclusion that it would have more foot traffic than the alternative site. 

Thank goodness for Grandparents! Buying a scout uniform after just doing school uniforms would be impossible otherwise. 

Tonight, after Pack Meeting, a young man approached me to ask where I had gotten my binder. It wasn’t an official Cub Scouts binder or anything – just the pertinent info we’ve been given organized into clear sleeves for personal reference. I’m pretty sure his mother sent him over and it’s a shame she didn’t introduce herself, since we’re obviously of similar mindsets. 

Cub Scouts, here we come! 


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