A Bear in Blue….

We have survived the first Cub Scout Pack meeting, and a Show & Sell event at one of our local WalMarts.  As a fairly introverted person, this is a big deal for me. The Pack meeting was the large meeting of all the individual Dens (100+ boys) – it’s similar to an assembly, I suppose. It’s very noisy- I was grateful to have taken my hearing aids out. The noise and unfamiliar really frayed my nerves.

Kiddo is absolutely in his element in a group so he is super excited to be a Bear Scout.  Also, he’s way better at selling things than I ever was. He was really good looking in his uniform – he got several lovely compliments. 

I really like the group of boys in his Den. We knew several of them from school (all but 2 go to his school) and the two seasons he played soccer.  Confession: I also like having parents in this group that I know. I might make non-work friends! Woohoo!

The first Den meetings were on Monday. I thought I’d share a few of the comments below. The first time boys earned their Bobcat Badge by learning the Cub Scout motto, handshake, sign and pledge.  Then they did a brief intro unit on Knife Safety since Bear Scouts get a pocketknife. This was where things got humorous:

One boy was concerned because his parents do not let him have knives. Our leader reassured him that it would be addressed and reminded him that the knives are only for use at scout meetings/events.

One child was very excited about his pocketknife and told the leader that we could catch a squirrel and then use the knife to skin it. The leader told him that perhaps someone could but we wouldn’t be doing that in Bear Scouts. The boy’s mother was sitting across from me and the look on her face was priceless.

During the ‘handling a knife’ discussion it was mentioned that one could get injured if not careful. At the very mention of blood one child put his hands over his ears and started repeating, I don’t want to hear this!  My money is on him being the secondary party needing first aid (a fainter, perhaps?).

My child had two concerns: But what if I don’t have a tent (for the November trip to AK) and can we afford to go to AK (we’re still fundraising).  The leader assured him that we would be fine after the fundraising was finished and that he could borrow a tent from her if needed. 

Oh yeah, he is so my child.  😉  This is going to be a great year! 

If you’re interested in our popcorn sale fundraiser, please see Kiddo’s page


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