Getting Crafty

In the past I have struggled to find things for Kiddo to do that aren’t electronics based. Don’t get me wrong, I love my technology just as much as the next person but there came a point when I started feeling like he was spending too much time in front of a screen.

When we lived with my Mom the solution was easy – I could send him outside. He had plenty of dirt, cars and utensils to keep him busy.  Living in an apartment presents its own sets of challenges.  There’s not a playground on site, we have neighbors downstairs, etc. 

Let’s be real. This child has plenty of toys and books. We have wood, metal, and plastic building sets. All the fancy LEGO sets get put together once and then join the others in a bin. There are probably 50+ cars/trains of various types from the toddler years still in his room. He has a few Transformers and other action figures but those have never been his thing. There are marbles and magic sets. 

You know how it goes. 

My hobby is papercrafting. I mostly make things for my planner. While on a vacation last year, Kiddo started making paper airplanes and doing some basic origami. We encouraged this interest and it’s still something he enjoys now – I love it because it utilizes both his creative and engineering interests. 

He often asks for boxes to create things out of and it’s easy enough to find those. We always have tape, construction paper and various crafting supplies around. 

Tonight, he pulled out his Star Wars Folded Flyers book and together we made a Tie Fighter using a small box and paper. He gave it to his Dad and it’s now on display in our living room. 


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