Mostly Treats….

I’ve lived in East Texas for just over three years now, and I’m generally pretty comfortable. I have a feel for the big events in the area and have been at my job long enough that co-workers invite my family to church sponsored events and the like.

Yet, I never feel settled with our Halloween plans.  There seems to be a few major schools of thought among groups of people who trick or treat with children.  These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Trick or treating in their neighborhood and/or at close friends and families homes.
  2. Visiting other neighborhoods – specifically the ‘upper class’ areas of the community.
  3. Public events such as those at churches or businesses.

The first two years, we took Kiddo to an event at a co-workers church. It’s a large church and there were games and such to keep him busy. However they opted not to hold that event this year. So I started looking around the internet and Facebook for ideas. 

Option 2 just really gets to me for some reason. Maybe it feels tacky (in bad taste)? I don’t know. Back in my hometown I would take Kiddo to neighborhoods that fit that description, but that was at the invite of friends (& their families) who lived there. So it felt more acceptable to be a visitor trick or treating in that area, knowing that we’d go back to their home and spend some social time before heading in for the night. Does that make sense? 

That left us with Option 3 – which is how we ended up at the mall with about 150 other kids (& their families) making the somewhat circular trek around the mall. Most businesses gave out candy but there were a few that gave out stickers/paper masks, etc.  I’m rather fond of that idea since not all kids are able or allowed to eat candy. 

Although boo on that one store who gave out a coupon only. I get it, you’re a children’s clothing store…but, really? At least buy some Tootsie Rolls or something. 

Kiddo was happy with his haul of goodies. Naturally, he was Pikachu.

He even answered, “Pika pika!” as thank you for treats.  I was quite proud, since I felt it was very clever.  Unfortunately not all of the mall employees tasked with treat duty seemed to get the reference. This lead to an interesting discussion between M and I about the demographics of Pokémon fans.  

But that was our Halloween! I think Kiddo is totally going to wear that hoodie until it falls apart. Thank you, Target, for saving me from the perils of poor quality polyester costumes! 


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