Days Go By…

It’s been almost two months since my last post here. My first thought was, “What happened?!” – but honestly, I think we all know. It’s the holiday season and that means that non-essential things fall to the bottom of the priority list.   To be honest, with Kiddo joining Cub Scouts our outside commitments have greatly expanded.

To briefly recap:

We travelled for Thanksgiving back up to North Texas. We met my sister in Dallas for the ICE show at the Gaylord – it was a special trip for her and Kiddo.  The only information I managed to get out of Kiddo was that it was ‘awesome.’   I think that’s really all that matters.  While they were in the show, Michael and I wandered around the lavishly decorated courtyard.  I took lots of pictures – which is what I do.

As far as the actual Thanksgiving celebration, there was no drama, just a really nice dinner and time spent together. That is a great testament to how my relationship with my mother has grown and benefited from the work that we’ve put into it this last year.  Boundaries are healthy, y’all.

Last year for Christmas I purchased personalized photo albums for my mother and grandmother that were created to hold a 4 generations photo. I don’t go home all that often (2-3x yearly) and it’s been a struggle to get things to fall into place to get the photos done.

It finally happened! Although we decided to just do it ourselves and forgo the professional photographer due to a millions circumstances – they turned out really nice!  I’m so thankful for my sister and boyfriend for taking these priceless photos. This one turned out the best, I think.

As we walked back through the duck pond area, I kept a wary eye on the geese that congregated around the trees. I’m not fond of birds and the last time I took Kiddo there (years ago) he had a goose go after him.  My grandmother noticed and joked that she would protect me.  It was adorable.

One of my favorite moments from this trip was watching my son teach my Grandmother about Pokemon while I worked on some computer issues she was having. His enthusiasm for this topic just blows my mind sometimes.

I can tell age is catching up with me, as I find myself looking at things with a certain understanding of change. Maybe it’s really nostalgia. While at my grandmother’s house, I took a few little snaps of the tiny touches of years gone by that still linger.  I love the old Pyrex that she still cooks with, and finding these bottles of Mercurochrome was surprising.

We’re about 90% ready for Christmas. The tree is up and most of the presents are tempting Kiddo’s imagination under the twinkling lights.  I’m glad that we’re spending a quiet holiday here, just the three of us.  Our families are spread out across the country so there’s always somewhere else that we could be.  We’ll be doing a fair amount of video chatting that day so that everyone’s involved but this is our holiday at home.

The next two weeks will also include finishing up a big part of a Science Fair project as well as getting Kiddo’s Pinewood Derby car created. Lots of fun things coming up for us!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!


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