Moving Right Along

We have survived this year’s school Science Fair project.

For some reason that feels like an accomplishment. Life is just so very busy right now. This was the first major thing on the list for the new year.

I got a bit sidelined last week due to a sinus infection that give me wicked vertigo.

Next up we have several Cub Scout badges to complete and the Pinewood Derby is in a few weeks. My sister comes to visit next week and my mother will be in for derby weekend.

I’m taking an impromptu trip home this weekend to see my best friend Mandy and a mutual friend of ours, Karen, who is in town visiting from Hawaii. The last time we were all together was probably 15 years ago.  I’d make a joke about wild times but we’ll probably eat, talk and laugh at home…which is pretty much perfect for me.

Tonight, I made this awful joke.

It was so much funnier (to me) when it happened…seriously. I got the worst case of the giggles.

So yeah, we’re over here living life and doing our best to stay positive. Hope everyone is well. I’ll be back soon.


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