On The Internet

As a parent, I struggle with the internet and the safety of my child. I walk a very fine line between paranoia and caution. As a blogger, it’s always there in my mind. 

I write about my life and Kiddo is practically the center of everything.  Most of the noteworthy events in our lives occur on some level because of his very existence. 

Back to privacy: I worry about it while understanding the generational impact of the use of the internet. It’s so totally normal for Kiddo in ways that it wasn’t for me at his age. Honestly, using the internet regularly didn’t happen until I was nearly in my 20s. I didn’t get into social media until maybe 10 years ago.  I’m of the first generation to (gasp!) meet people from the internet in person. 

I talked with my best friend not too long ago about social media since her oldest turned 13 and asked to get Facebook. I like the privacy controls that are in place there – I keep my profile fairly locked down.  No public location, all private photos and the like.  I don’t allow Kiddo’s picture to be posted on his daycare’s social media. 

I’ve realized that I am less censored here.  This is my little space on the web; I don’t reach a big audience. I take for granted that my voice is mostly unnoticed in the greater world of blogs. 

Privacy doesn’t really ‘ping’ my radar until I start writing about Kiddo and go to find a picture.  Then, I pause. Who else is in the picture? Where was it taken? Would the posting of it be an issue for me if I found it on a blog that wasn’t mine?

How much privacy should our children have in our social media?  Does the idea of protecting them still extend out into the internet the way it used to? 


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