Long Day Short

So my two hour wait to see my psychiatrist today resulted in news that I am now out of network under my insurance…but I have lost a pound! 

The stress of changing doctors will likely cause me some extra anxiety so I may even lose another pound or two before the next time I get my vitals taken. At least I have 90 days of meds to keep me relatively stable while I get things sorted out.

Last week my hearing aids got washed and have been acting weird. It was like the left one would boot up but wasn’t connecting correctly with the receiver. I’ve been agonizing over it since I wasn’t sure if my warranty was out and hearing aids are crazy expensive. 

Thankfully my audi’s office fixed them today. But I had to make two trips, since they were not in the case the first time I went in.

Facebook reminded me that I wrecked my car 4 years ago today. WordPress informed me today is my 1 year blogiversary. 

I think I’m just overwhelmed. Is today over yet? 


7 thoughts on “Long Day Short

  1. Awe, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through that. I’ve had to change Doctors pretty frequently and completely know what a struggle it is. Especially with the whole insurance thing. Just hang in there!

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