It’s A Busy Week

It’s Spring Break! That means Kiddo is spending quality time with family (my mother) for the week. I generally manage pretty well until about day three and then I start really wanting him home.  How do people even deal with kids leaving home? OMG.

His birthday party was last weekend and I am so proud of how it all came together! We held it at a local pottery studio. The kids painted a small figurine of their choosing and can put it up this weekend once it is fired. Naturally, the theme was Pokémon! 

See that Pikachu balloon? He was so utterly thrilled at having it tied to his chair. It really is the simple things, y’all.  While I was waiting to get the star balloons filled up at the Dollar Tree, I spotted Pokémon cards in a display – 3 cards in a pack. I picked them up on a whim and the kids went nuts over them. 

We had some minor girl drama. Two of the young women in attendance have crushes on my (not so little) boy.  We’ll call them K and G.  We’ve known K for two years and have attended her birthday parties. She is one grade below Kiddo; he met her at daycare. 

G is in his class and earlier this year he referred to her as his girlfriend. He now maintains that she is just a friend. One of the boys in our Scout Den told him Dad that G is, in fact, Kiddo’s girlfriend. She got him a stuffed Pikachu for Christmas. 

For the cake and presents portion, I watched them position themselves on each side of him.  K made herself the center of attention by announcing the should distribute presents. When she looked too long at the present G brought there was a firm reminder from G that it was Kiddo’s gift. As things were wrapping up later, K went to hug Kiddo goodbye.  I looked up just in time to see G hug him from behind.  My baby was sandwiched between two girls. 

I was not ready.

Kiddo reports that he was happy with the party – he got several Pokémon toys (figurines and cards), a Lego set and some gift cards. We got him the first 6 books of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.  He painted a truck and has a commemorative plate from the party signed by his guests. 

The next day he left with my Mom. So while he’s visiting museums and learning to fly fish, I’m trying things I pinned on my What’s For Dinner Pinterest board.  The Million Dollar Spaghetti was the big winner for this round of tryouts. Even the leftovers were yummy! The Olive Garden copycat Mushroom ravioli was good as well.  

Tonight I watched the original Beauty and the Beast in preparation to go see the live action version tomorrow. I’m optimistic but aware that the original has a special place it my heart. Belle was the first princess I ever identified with.  The scene where she sees the library is my absolute favorite. 



One thought on “It’s A Busy Week

  1. Sounds like a great party! I really love the pottery aspect, that’s such a different and cool thing to go with.

    Haha at the girls being after him. My LM is 9 and he told us that a girl in his honors class was “trying to get at me,” leaving flowers on his desk, staring and smiling at him all the time.


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