Keeping Up…

My life is busy right now, y’all.  It’s like the mad rush before summer break around here.  We have a girl out for maternity leave at work and they’re going to start transitioning one of my coworkers to a tech position (from front desk) since she’s bilingual. She happens to be my closest friend up front so I’m kinda sad that she’s moving but excited for her opportunity. 

Kiddo has state testing the second week of May so there’s a lot of focus on that at school for him. This will be his first year to take these tests. He brought home the information for the practice website that the use and we’ve been letting him have unlimited time on that. I’m sure he gets that it’s a learning thing and not quite like regular free time on electronics but that’s totally fine. 

We had another camp out with our Scout Pack – this one was local and much easier to prep for, thankfully. I got an air mattress and it is a gift from the Gods, let me tell you! I’m much more pleasant in the mornings when I’m not in pain (& feeling old).  

Yesterday Kiddo got the opportunity to participate in a service activity – this one was organized for the next rank group in scouts but since he’s graduating into that one in a few weeks we were invited to attend. I try really hard to get him to all of these types of events. 

He helped prepare lunch at one of the local missions. As we drove over we talked about service –  I feel like it’s important that he understand that while. Helping others is important, there’s also no shame in receiving help when you need it. I think that what I’m getting at is that I want him to understand the importance of compassion. 

During our tour of the facility, the program administrator spoke to the boys about the main reasons people end up at the shelter – addiction and abuse.  As we walked the halls of the family center I was keenly aware of my own past.  All I could think was that if my family hadn’t been able to come get us then we would have been in a shelter just like this.  Kiddo is aware of the domestic violence in my past and has asked Michael about it. He has never asked me about it directly but we’ve talked about it in general terms. There have been things that I don’t let him participate in because of that past with my ex (such as his childcare provider posting his picture online). 

He stayed close to me while we were in the family shelter. As the director talked about women surviving abuse, he pressed his back into my belly and wrapped my arms around him. I don’t have the words for all the emotions that ripped through me in that moment – my memories of things I hope he’ll never remember, my promise to do everything I can to always keep him safe.   

We’d called ahead to ask about donating toys that he doesn’t play with anymore so before leaving we dropped those off as well.  Then we did a little shopping and thankfully made it home before the weather got bad.  


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