About Me

Hi, my name is Kalista. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.

Like so many of us, my definition of who I am is shaped by what I love. First and foremost – I am a mom. My son was born in 2008.  He is the light and joy of my life.

I live with my boyfriend in East Texas. We’ve been together since  2012.  A longer explanation will likely come in time but the short version of our story is this:  We met in high school and dated briefly before he moved back to the Midwest.  We stayed friends and rekindled our romance 16 years later.

I identify as deaf and am Hard of Hearing. I have bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and wear hearing aids.  For those who don’t know the terminology, that means that I have permanent hearing loss in both ears.  It was caused by a medication I was given as a premature infant.

My hobbies include reading, photography and wasting time on social media.  I love Pinterest and am figuring out Twitter.  Information about social media can be found here.

I am a classic Type A personality.  I strive for order and calm in a chaotic world.  I’m routine oriented and a planner.  Unfortunately, I don’t adapt as easily to change as I’d like sometimes.




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