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I’m not necessarily the most tech savvy person in my household – I’m pretty sure that my 8 year old knows more of the finer details than I do. 

I can be reached via email at:   takethesechancesblog {at} gmail {dot} com

I’m on Twitter as Kalista0317.   I like hashtag games that encourage clever word usage.

I keep my Facebook private but I have a Tumblr where I share a lot of similar content. Tumblr is where I post things I don’t want family commentary on, too. So there’s postings on being deaf, reptiles, photography, snarky occasional political commentary and a fair amount of cursing. 

My photos are on Instagram & Flickr.

  • My Instagram is private since I post pictures of my kiddo, but please feel free to send a request.
  • Flickr mostly scenic or nature related. I take pictures of ‘stuff’ that catches my eye. I don’t have extraordinary skill, just enthusiasm.

I love Pinterest! My boards are varied but reflect similar content to this blog: crafts, cooking, fun things to do with kiddo, etc.  You can find me there as Kali419.

I belong to a few blog oriented groups:








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