Tiny Pawprints

I’ve always had a feline in my life. Although Karma and Kismet (Kissa) lived with my mother for the years I was married…they were always mine, so to speak.

I truly grieved when Karma passed. I worried for Kissa, who would be alone for the first time in her life. Karma was my first  pet as an adult – the first life that I took responsibility for.  Kissa’s passing was difficult in a different way. I lost my ‘babycat’ but at the same time I felt this sense of relief. Now my kitties were together again and in its own way that made things right in the world.

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Just Here For The Boos

I wrote last year about the tradition we have at work for decorating pumpkins.  I am so busy with Scouts that I didn’t participate this year.  However, I see how our patients respond to the festivities so I thought it would be fun to share this year’s entries.

My mother asked the other day if Kiddo was still interested in Halloween and I’m replied that I’m concerned this may be the last year.  His interest in the more ‘childlike’ aspects of holidays has been declining over the last two years.

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Things That Come In Threes…

Since I’d seen a 2014 Hyundai Elantra that I liked, we stopped over at the Hyundai dealership to check out their used stock. The experience there was like night and day compared to all the other places I’d dealt with! We drove a few cars and I found that he was very easy to talk with. I was upfront about my complete lack of credit post divorce and how I was concerned about financing because of that issue.

When Mack (salesperson) asked where I was from, he immediately recognized that his finance guy was from the same area. So we chatted with Chris and he actually gave Kiddo a bunch of brochures and information about the new electric model they are coming out with. Continue reading

I Could Never Work In Sales…

During the two weeks that I was without a car, my coworkers were so fantastic about helping me get around. Because I am the interalized guilt type, I also did my best to try not to be absoultely dependant – on days that it was nice, I actually walked the mile to the office. To take care of shopping for the household, I took a Lyft about twice a week. Cost was pretty minimal since I live in a central area of town. Continue reading

Hell On Wheels

On the way back from the most amazing vacation ever, my Ford Escape experienced a traumatic (to me) death. 

I’d noticed when Michael picked us up at the airport that the car wasn’t starting as smoothly as usual. He assured me it was the first time that had happened.  We were on I-20, on the far side of Tyler, which is roughly an hour away from home. 

A semi-truck had blown a tire and we hit a bit of debris. We pulled over and checked but everything looked fine. A few miles further down the road and the car started making a weird noise. So we decided to pull over at the next rest stop. 

Literally as we are entering the exit ramp all the interior lights go out. The power steering follows. So we coast into a spot and turned the truck off. 

I am completely freaking out. I am almost done paying off my loan for this vehicle. It was like, seriously?!

We call a friend in Tyler who brings us some oil since it was low and looked like there was some on the undercarriage but no actual leak that we could see. 

I call roadside assistance and explain what’s going on. They start a claim since we don’t know if it was the collision wit the debris or something else causing the problem. 

Something like 20 phone calls later the tow truck arrives. It’s almost 2am at this point. He is kind enough to take us home since we live around the corner from the shop that will start the repair process. 

Except that two shops, an adjuster and SO MUCH STRESS on my part the conclusion was all mechanical: total engine failure. 

I could replace the engine for around 4k or just scrap it. Given the age of the car it made more sense to just scrap it. So I sold it to a salvage yard for $125 and promptly paid the repair shop half of that for diagnostics that insurance wouldn’t cover. 

So now to figure out how to get to work and car shop….

More Than Words

I went through about half of my Yellowstone/Grand Tetons photos and realized that I’d chosen 60+ that I want to share. 

This is going to take so much more than a post. Maybe a slideshow? Public album? I have no idea of the best way to share them. 
Any thoughts? 

Treading Water

School started exactly 1 week ago.  Scouts starts tonight. 

Both the adults in our house have strep throat. We’re both on antibiotics. I’m on day 4 of meds and not feeling much better. I suspect that I’ll have to go back in and change antibiotics. 

So far, Kiddo has not shown any symptoms. A call to his pedi put her ‘in the loop’ and if he starts coughing or has a fever she will call something in ASAP.
Not drowning, but definitely treading water.